Buying Some Good Knives


Why Are Cheaper Kitchen Knives Such A Problem?

I had a lot of trouble picking a knife when I moved out of my parents’ house. Even though I have had more than five knife sets in my kitchen since I started living on my own. The main issues I had was either the blades getting blunt too fast or the handles would break off. Replacing the knives wasn’t a big deal for me because every new knife set I got was at a very good and affordable price. However, when the fifth kitchen knife set barely lasted four weeks, I decided to change my approach with the hope of finding top kitchen knife sets.

How I Found My Perfect Kitchen Knife Set

My first change was to stop buying knives I knew little about. I decided to do some online research before buying my knife set. I searched for the best knife sets in the market and from my search, I got 10 top knife sets. I narrowed down the number by reading customer reviews on the brands and knife sets as well. I choose the knife set that had the highest rating and best customer reviews.
The next thing I did was to identify some of the best places to buy the knife I had selected. This is because I was looking for an affordable option. While doing my research, I noticed that different online stores sell the set at different prices. I wondered whether there was a significant difference in the retail price compared to online prices. Therefore, I visited the nearest retail stores to find out. I found out that the prices were significantly higher than getting the knife set online. For this reason, I decided to get the knife set online.

Initial Thoughts On My New Victorinox Knife Set


The knife set arrived after 3 days and it was in perfect condition. I have been using the set for more than 3 years now without any problems. I am so glad I put some effort and time to search for the best kitchen knife set. It might have cost me more than the previous sets, but it was a worthy investment.

Which are the best pots and pans to buy for your kitchen

Last week I invited some of my friends for dinner when I realized that my cooking arsenal is shabby. I decided to restock my kitchen immediately. I had no idea how to choose the right pots and pans set because everything I had in my kitchen was either our wedding gifts or family plots given by my mother.


I started researching about pot and pan and I came to know how to choose the right kitchen pots and pans. I also realized that, a searing pan does not work the same if you saute vegetables in it, and that my tomato sauces used to taste slightly bitter because I was cooking them in unlined copper pots.

So, if you want to buy new cookware here are a few pointers, which I learned when I bought mine. I hope they will help you decide the best pots and pans to buy for your kitchen.

Match your cooking style and cooktop

Your cookware should be in sync with your cooking style and your cooktop. If you are using induction based cooktop, then you need magnetized pots and pans. If you are using burners, then flat bottoms are the most preferable, unless you want a wok for deep frying the chicken wings.

If you most often cook seared meat, then uncoated stainless steel pans are perfect. You will need one Teflon coated, high brim pots for simmering tomato sauces. If you follow the stove to oven cooking style, then make sure you are buying oven safe cookware with metallic handles.

Healthy cooking with non-stick pans

Diet conscious people, like my husband, want their food to be cooked in less amount of oil and butter. Non-stick cookware is the best solution for that. Not only are they healthy, they are easy to clean and low maintenance. Therefore, most people buy a complete set of non-stick cookware. I know, I did.

Count the pieces

No one likes a clumsy kitchen. You often get confused which lid goes with which pan. There are cookware sets in which a single lid or at most two lids are given and they are designed to fit all the pots and pans. My advice would go for them. Also, choose to see through lids. They save a lot of time and you don’t need to check on the food repeatedly by lifting the lid.

I hope these points help you while you are shopping for your kitchen.

Winter beer festival planned at Budweiser Events Center


Volunteers in Loveland, Colorado, knew there weren’t any brew festivals in the winter.

Sure, there was the Great American Beer Festival that rounded out September and led into October, but no one had decided to create something for the colder months.

Until next week, that is.

The first annual Polar Pints will be held next Saturday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Budweiser Events Center. Some of the proceeds from ticket sales will go to the Special Olympics.

Event organizer Phil Hossler wanted to help Left Hand Brewing create a winter brew fest after seeing the continued yearly success of their summer festival, the Gnarly Barley Brew Fest.

“Not too many facilities can hold a big brew fest during the wintertime,” he said. “But, the Budweiser Events Center is the perfect size for something like this. Everything just happened to work out perfectly for Polar Pints.”

Although Hossler would be hard-pressed to call Polar Pints the “winter version of Gnarly Barley,” much of the festival is mirrored off of its summer counterpart.

“Ultimately, the main goal for us is to get people out to drink some beer,” he said.

Polar Pints will feature 27 breweries, 19 of which are Colorado-based, inside of the events center. Each will have their own designated, decorated booth. Some will be serving seasonally-flavored beers, but Hossler couldn’t speak as to what types would be offered, saying he left it up to each brewery to choose what they’d like to show off. Over all, there will be over 100 beers on tap.

Anyone who purchases a general admission ticket will receive 10 tokens and a four-ounce sampling mug. Each token will purchase one tasting from a brewery. Once you run out of tokens, you’re welcome to purchase more, Hossler said. Each extra token will cost $1.

VIP ticket holders receive unlimited tasting tokens and are allowed into the events center one hour early. They will also receive access to a VIP area with food, specialty beers, a pint glass and a Polar Pints t-shirt.

Old Chicago and a gyro vendor will provide food during the event.

At the festival, all of the breweries will be locked in a friendly competition with each other, since the top three companies that obtain the most tokens from attendees will receive donations to the nonprofit organization of their choice. There will also be a prize for the people’s choice award, which will be handed out after the crowd is polled. The brewery that wins will be featured during summer events, Hossler said.

“No one else really does this, and we really hope it goes off without a hitch,” he said.

Source: Wyomingnews