How Do You Buy The Best Juicer For Your Needs?

Healthy lifestyle with juicer
Healthy lifestyle with juicer

You’ll agree with the fact that juicing is a crucial element of living a healthy lifestyle. Think of this: the fresh juice of a vegetable or fruit combo is abundant with minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and vitamins which are often destroyed when cooked or processed. You can enjoy these benefits if you have a juicer. The question is, how do you buy the best juicer your your needs? Here is the basic buying guide.

Ease of use

You’ll want a juicer that’s ‘a breeze’ to disassemble and clean. If your juicer has many parts then that becomes a headache. You can imagine how much it takes to put every thing together. There is a catch though; while it may be a good idea to go for a juicer with fewer components, you may have to do with limited functionality. In general, the more components a juicer has, the more functions it can handle. For instance, a masticating juicer can also churn butter or make pasta.

Noise level

If you thought noise level wasn’t a big deal when it comes to buying a juicer then you’re wrong. Surely, you wouldn’t want to jolt everybody whenever you’re making your favorite smoothie, would you? I’d recommend the Super Angel SS Twin Gear Juicer. You’ll love how it purrs.


Another factor that you should consider is the size of your juicer. Go for one that fits neatly into your kitchen space. This is what worked for me – I bought a juicer which generated enough volume of juice (6 glasses a day) and whose medium size didn’t take much of my small kitchen.

Other than the size, noise level and ease of use, price, power and warranty come in handy. As such, it’s also a good idea to check out juicer reviews online. They’ll guide you into making a smart decision. Adios amigo, a glass of juice awaits me.

How Do You Pick The Best Centrifrugal Juicer?

Know about the centrifugal juicer

Before picking the best centrifugal juicer, you need to know about the working of centrifugal juicer. This type of juicer basically operates on a principle of spinning and chopping. The flat blades of the juicer are used for chopping up the fruits and vegetables and the spinners are responsible for separating the juice from the pulp. The machine has a strainer basket which collects pulp and lets the juice pass through it and by this it indicates the best juicer for leafy greens. The Factors to consider for picking the best centrifugal juicers Centrifugal juicers are the most commonly available juicers in the electrical and departmental stores which makes them the ideal choice for the beginners.

Pulp Ejector – If you are buying a centrifugal juicer, you should buy the one having a pulp ejector, this will automatically eject the pulp when it gets full. This not only eases the operation for the user, but also saves a lot of time.

Feeding Chute – Before buying your juicer, you should check if the product comes with a large feeding chute, this will make save a lot of time for the user as the fruits and vegetables can be served as it is to the machine without chopping them into smaller pieces.

Oxidation – If you are a fitness freak, then you should know about the fact that the juice produced by the centrifugal juicer is oxidized. As the juicer is powered by a motor which rotates the juice at high speed which causes exchange of +ve and –ve ions that result in oxidation.

Reviews – Check out reviews of the machine you look to buy and do not forget to ask people in your circle about this product. The real user tells even the small minor details about the product.

Which are top picks for you to choose?

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain

This machine has a lot for the users which has made it the people’s champion. It comes with a potent 850 watt motor which can be run on two different speed settings. These speed settings are low and high depending upon the requirement of the user. With this combination of setting, the user can extract juice from soft fruits at a low speed setting and other ones on a high speed setting.

Omega BMJ330

Omega BMJ330

Omega has managed to win the hearts of the users again with this juicer. With a long 15 year warranty for the users, this machine has a lot to offer. It comes with a 3” wide chute which allows the user to easily feed this beast with big fruits and veggies without cutting them into small. It comes with a less noisy motor which is definitely a plus.

Why Did I Purchase This Espresso Machine?

Besides cracking open a cold one with the boys, I love drinking shots of espresso to stay active throughout the day. It isn’t easy running your own business. There’ll be plenty of bumps and hiccups in the process but, with the right determination, I believe I’ll be a successful entrepreneur someday. It was a good quarter this year so I decided to splurge a little. I needed a new espresso machine since my old Goldie finally gave way. So here’s how I picked my new espresso machine.

Always Go With Stainless Steel Espresso Machines

The stainless steel espresso machine, Rancilio Silvia, has got to be the best semi-automatic espresso machine. As a person who is very passionate about making coffee beverages at home, I didn’t mind the price I paid to get this fabulous machine. While I was searching for the important features and going through tons of semi-automatic espresso machine, a particular blog( happen to help me make the right selection.

Features Of My New Espresso Machine (I named Her Shimmer)rancilio-silvia-espresso-machine

Just an overview of this product, it might be a big but it certainly looks sleek on the your kitchen countertop as it is made out of stainless steel. If you’re a beginner, I would not recommend getting this as it will only complicate the procedure and you will only destroy the quality of the espresso. I used to have a Gaggia Classic which has helped me a lot over the past years before I decided to look for something more professional.

Even though it came with a tamper, I didn’t use it because it’s made out of plastic. I already had my favourite stainless steel tamper so I was fine. Another thing that you should invest in is a coffee grinder. Nothing is better than the aroma of fresh brewed espressos.

Look For A Good Steaming Wand

I really like the omni-directional steaming wand. Since it’s connected to a ball joint, you can guide it the direction you want to swirl your milk. A simple reminder to always place the tip just below the surface and to always let some steam out afterwards to not clog it. It has a steam button and a steam valve so you can easily control it. When you turn on the button, the machine increases the temperature to let out ideal steam. It also only has one boiler so you have to wait for it to cool down and heat up again. It’s fairly easy especially if you’re still half asleep in the morning.

Well Built And Well Designed Espresso Machine

I really avoid using plastic kitchen wares as they are quite dangerous. Especially kettles. This was why I was happy that this espresso machine was made out of stainless steel. However, the portafilter is a different story as it is made out of solid brass. The only parts of it that is made out of plastic is the tank but other than that it’s great. Even the boiler is made out of brass.

A Nifty Addition

Overall, this is a great machine. I haven’t tested this function yet but there is an pod and capsule adaptor kit available. This will be beneficial to those who love their ESE pods or their multi-flavoured capsules. If you own a little cafe or you would like to purchase this for your office, I’d say give it a go. You won’t lose anything by trying. I have made tons of lattes and cappuccinos with this machine and I hope you will in the future.

Winter beer festival planned at Budweiser Events Center


Volunteers in Loveland, Colorado, knew there weren’t any brew festivals in the winter.

Sure, there was the Great American Beer Festival that rounded out September and led into October, but no one had decided to create something for the colder months.

Until next week, that is.

The first annual Polar Pints will be held next Saturday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Budweiser Events Center. Some of the proceeds from ticket sales will go to the Special Olympics.

Event organizer Phil Hossler wanted to help Left Hand Brewing create a winter brew fest after seeing the continued yearly success of their summer festival, the Gnarly Barley Brew Fest.

“Not too many facilities can hold a big brew fest during the wintertime,” he said. “But, the Budweiser Events Center is the perfect size for something like this. Everything just happened to work out perfectly for Polar Pints.”

Although Hossler would be hard-pressed to call Polar Pints the “winter version of Gnarly Barley,” much of the festival is mirrored off of its summer counterpart.

“Ultimately, the main goal for us is to get people out to drink some beer,” he said.

Polar Pints will feature 27 breweries, 19 of which are Colorado-based, inside of the events center. Each will have their own designated, decorated booth. Some will be serving seasonally-flavored beers, but Hossler couldn’t speak as to what types would be offered, saying he left it up to each brewery to choose what they’d like to show off. Over all, there will be over 100 beers on tap.

Anyone who purchases a general admission ticket will receive 10 tokens and a four-ounce sampling mug. Each token will purchase one tasting from a brewery. Once you run out of tokens, you’re welcome to purchase more, Hossler said. Each extra token will cost $1.

VIP ticket holders receive unlimited tasting tokens and are allowed into the events center one hour early. They will also receive access to a VIP area with food, specialty beers, a pint glass and a Polar Pints t-shirt.

Old Chicago and a gyro vendor will provide food during the event.

At the festival, all of the breweries will be locked in a friendly competition with each other, since the top three companies that obtain the most tokens from attendees will receive donations to the nonprofit organization of their choice. There will also be a prize for the people’s choice award, which will be handed out after the crowd is polled. The brewery that wins will be featured during summer events, Hossler said.

“No one else really does this, and we really hope it goes off without a hitch,” he said.

Source: Wyomingnews